Patio Furniture Revamp

I spotted this worn out meal patio set at an estate sale and fell in love with the mid-century feel of it. I knew it had potential, so I purchased it for about $50. This summer, I finally (yay!!) had a chance to update it with a coat of paint and new seat cushions. I think it turned out great, but I’m kinda disappointed I couldn’t keep this project under a hundred bucks. Who knew it would take SO MUCH spray paint?! 

Feelin’ Inspired? Here’s the budget breakdown and resources:

  • Patio Set – 50
  • 8 (yep 8) cans of spray paint. I used 4 cans of primer & 4 cans of white satin indoor/outdoor – 40 
  • 4 chair outdoor chair cushions and 2 outdoor fabric toss pillows. Mine are from Garden Ridge – 70 
  • Project Total = 160 – still a bargain compared to a new patio set!

One thought on “Patio Furniture Revamp

  1. I love this – white is smart, you can change the look easily with different colored pillow covers. And BTW, what a great deck!


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