Dining Room Part 1 – Getting Started

I am soooooo excited! This weekend we began updating our dining area. I started by finally, FINALLY ordering some imitation Eames Eiffel chairs. I have been absolutely lusting after these chairs for about a year now. I adore Herman Miller and Eames, but it’s just too spendy for this workin’ mom. Meh, no one except me (and you!) will know the difference!
Jesse also started constructing a sliding barn style door to separate the dining area and front hallway entry.
Here’s the “before” pic…

I’m going for a gray, brown and white color scheme with a modern meets rustic-antique feel. If that makes any sense!
Here’s my inspiration…

Sliding Barn Style Door – HouseBeautiful.com

Eiffel Chairs & Rustic Table – doorsixteen.com

My all time favorite home feature from MSL – marthastewart.com

So there’s the plan for the dining area. I’m aiming to have “after” pics ready in two weeks. Now I’m off to wait for our FedEx guy to deliver my chairs!

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