Thrift Store Art Project

We needed “Art” or something for the wall in our dining area. My first thought was to do a mini gallery wall, but then I was inspired by the “Make Art” piece I found on Polyvore. I wanted to make something with a fun quote and hang it on the wall. But what exactly? I was driving down the interstate by myself when I thought of this and I started to laugh out loud because I thought it was so damn funny.
Canvas can be pricey, so I picked up a junky piece of wall art from a thrift store instead (FYI it was just a print, not an original masterpiece). Besides, actual canvas is for actual artists, which I am not. I’m just kinda crafty.
DiY Thrift Store Wall Art - Before

DiY Thrift Store Wall Art

DiY Thrift Store Wall Art

Feelin’ inspired? Good! Here’s the supply list:
icky wall art from thrift store – 20
spray paint – 6
letter stencils – 10
sample size jar of paint – 4
painter’s tape – 5
Project total – 45

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