A Little Modern Christmas Decor

Nap time is the best, especially when your kiddo is exhausted from all the Christmas excitement! Seriously, I think he will sleep for about three hours. Jesse and I are enjoying some lovely quiet time; he’s watching  a Christmas movie while I’m having a little coffee (new cup from Santa!) and catching up on my blog. Life is good, folks! 🙂

Since it’s Christmas and all, I thought I’d share some of the festive decor from around our house.  I strive to keep the decorations tightly edited so they don’t overwhelm our petite house.
bertoia chair with faux lamb skin and christmas lights

This year, I picked up some white lights on white cording from Target and used them to frame the window at the end of the “Hallway to Nowhere.” I love seeing this when I come home in the evening; it’s warm and festive but kinda chic, no? Sorry about the bike poking into the picture, but um, we live here. 
bertoia chair with faux lamb skin and christmas lights

For me, the most exciting part of decorating this year was having a pseudo mantle to hang stockings on!  I bought the snowflake stocking hangers at Michaels several years ago and haven’t had a place to put them. Of course, since I finally had a place to hang stockings, I couldn’t resist making my own. I only managed to get two of them finished but when I make the other two, I plan to take photos and put together a tutorial. 

christmas stockings with red pom poms and vintage inspired fabric
christmas stockings with red pom poms and vintage inspired fabric

christmas stockings with red pom poms and vintage inspired fabric

Getting our tree up this year was a bit of an adventure.  First, we cut down a lovely seven foot fir tree at our friend’s farm. Then, we brought it home, set it up, and decorated it. Perfect. The next day, when I arrived home from work, our entire house smelled like cat pee! And we don’t own a cat! It was definitely the tree. So, we un-decorated that sucker as quickly as possible and hauled it outside. We weren’t in the mood to cut down another tree, so we said, “meh” and put up a borrowed faux one.

black white and silver Christmas tree

I also wanted to illustrate what a nerd I am by telling the story of the ornament shown above.  When I was seventeen, I went on a class trip to Europe. In Germany, while my friends were going crazy over Birkenstocks, I purchased a couple of delicate, hand blown glass Christmas ornaments. It may have seemed odd, but I’m glad I was thinking ahead. 

black white and silver Christmas tree

A Christmas tradition that Jesse and I started several years ago is picking out a hand blown ornament at a local artist coop. The clear ornament that looks like a bubble was my pick this year. 

kid friendly Christmas tree

I put a small tree in B’s room and let him decorate it with all the non-breakable ornaments. He is absolutely thrilled with “his tree” and and loves to show it to guests. I think this will be a new tradition!

kid friendly Christmas tree

Lastly, since gift wrapping has always been a point of pride with me, I wanted to include a picture. I found a roll of paper table covering in the party section at Tuesday Morning and it worked great as wrapping paper. The string is red wool and the tag is a key label – those are kinda hard to write on neatly, by the way!
chic black and white wrapping paper with red wool string
So, that’s the Holiday decor around our house this year. I’m finishing this just in time, because our kiddo is up and my coffee is cold!
Merry Christmas!

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