Easy DIY: Revamped Owl Bookends


I scored these kitchy owl bookends at a gift exchange over the holidays and loved them immediately. Yes, they are completely 70’s and ugly, but I thought with some bright paint they could be really fun. I figured I’d have to wait until spring because it’s been way too cold to spray paint. Well, I got lucky because it was almost 60 degrees today – in January! 
I gave the owls a good scrubbing to remove any dust and grime, followed by a coat of spray primer. My first instinct was to paint them red, but I had extra gold paint leftover from my end table project, so I tried that. I should have gone with my gut because the gold was just not working for me. It felt like they were supposed to be eagles or something. So I picked up a can of bright red spray paint (Banner Red from Krylon) which is perfect! These owls were just the pop of color I needed to finish off my bookshelves!

owl bookends updated with red paint diy

owl bookends updated with red paint diyowl bookends updated with red paint diyowl bookends updated with red paint diystyled shelves with diy red owl bookends
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10 thoughts on “Easy DIY: Revamped Owl Bookends

  1. These are so neat! Things like this make me want to scour yard sales for treasures like this. Thanks for linking up to the Thursday S.T.Y.L.E. Link Party. We hope to see you again this week!


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