DIY Fence for Raised Garden Beds

A couple weeks back, my mom and I busted out a quick and easy fence for my vegetable garden. No bunnies allowed this year! This fence was so simple and inexpensive to make; we didn’t need any power tools or help from my handy husband (in fact, he was out of town) so I wanted to share how we did it.
How to Make a Vegetable Garden Fence
  • Two 25 foot rolls of 2 foot tall chicken wire  – I like the grid kind
  • Two or three bundles of pre-cut stakes – I bought grade stakes from the building material section
  • Wire cutters
  • Staple gun – this project killed my cheapy plastic one, go for heavy duty metal or airless!
  • Lots of staples
  • Gloves
  • Shovel
How to Make a Vegetable Garden Fence
How to Make a DIY Vegetable Garden Fence
How to Make a DIY Vegetable Garden Fence
How to Make a DIY Vegetable Garden Fence

To make the garden fence, we unrolled the chicken wire a few feet at a time on the patio. Then, I slid a stake underneath, made sure it was straight and stapled it in place. I also measured twelve inches between each stake to ensure even spacing. Having my mom there to help was great because she wrangled the unruly wire while I measured and stapled.
 I continued along until the entire roll of chicken wire had a stake every twelve inches. Then, we dug out a little trench along the inside of the raised garden bed and set the fencing down inside it. Again, my mom wrangled the chicken wire and held it in place while I stapled it to the inside of the garden bed timbers. I crimped the chicken wire little at each corner to make it nice and flush. When the entire perimeter of the garden bed was fenced, I shoveled dirt back into the trench, and we were done!
All in, the two fences cost about sixty dollars and took three hours to complete. It was hard work, but not rocket science, and I feel so proud that we were able to accomplish it on our own! I should also note that, while our fence is for a raised garden bed, it would probably work for a non raised bed by pounding the stakes into the ground.

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