Salvaged Black Jenny Lind Bed

// your hand if you love Land of Nod. Mmhhmm. Me too! I’m positively in love with the black Jenny Lind style bed in their line-up right now. But…But…It’s six hundred bucks. Yikes! Luckily, not long after I’d set my heart on the Land of Nod version, I came across an old Jenny Lind styleContinue reading “Salvaged Black Jenny Lind Bed”

How to Turn an Old Light Globe into a Planter!

// I’m proud to say I’ve managed to keep an airplane plant, several snake plants and a dieffenbachia alive this year! Since I have a green thumb and all (not really),  I wanted to try adding some air plants to B’s room. Being on a tight decor budget, I didn’t want to shell out forContinue reading “How to Turn an Old Light Globe into a Planter!”

How to Make Wooden Place Card Holders

// card holders are a great way to make dinner parties and gatherings feel extra special. These wooden place card holders could also be used for displaying business cards, notes or photos! For this project, we used zebra wood from the scrap bin at a local woodworking shop. It was fun to search through theContinue reading “How to Make Wooden Place Card Holders”

Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook

// I love it when friends ask what I’m working on, but I have to admit that I felt a bit hesitant when my answer was, “Oh, I’m painting my linen closet black (like ya do)…” Sometimes I feel confident that an idea will turn out looking like it does in my head, but aContinue reading “Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook”

How to Make Block Stamped Curtains

// There’s The Stairway to Heaven and The Road to Hell. There is also The Hallway to Nowhere, which is in our house! Our front entry has two steps that lead directly to a long hallway with three closets on the right and a window at the end. Don’t get me wrong, I love havingContinue reading “How to Make Block Stamped Curtains”

How to Make "Grippy" Doorknob Coat Hooks

// Last weekend, I picked up a new-to-me storage bench that’s perfect for our front entry, which (of course) is leading to a string of smaller projects. If you give a mouse a cookie….Mainly, I want to create an organized and functional landing strip that has a place to sit and remove shoes, a spotContinue reading “How to Make "Grippy" Doorknob Coat Hooks”

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pom Poms!

// As promised, here is a tutorial on how to make large pom poms! I’m sorry it’s later than planned. I spent last weekend prepping for a job interview, which isn’t nearly as much fun as making pom poms, spray painting junk, etc. But, I love my job and it pays for the blog so,Continue reading “Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pom Poms!”

Easy DIY: Potato Stamp Pillow

// To be honest, I feel a teeny bit guilty about knocking off a pattern from Ferm Living. I absolutely adore their beautiful, crisp, geometric patterns and modern products. But, the bottom line is…the bottom line. Eighty dollar toss pillows simply aren’t in our budget right now. If you have the means, please do giveContinue reading “Easy DIY: Potato Stamp Pillow”