Elms Hotel and Spa – Excelsior Springs, MO

Over the weekend, Jesse and I took a little trip to The Elms Hotel and Spa for a some much needed rest and relaxation. Travel isn’t really my genre, but The Elms is very special to me (I grew up taking weekend trips there with my family) so I wanted to write about it inContinue reading “Elms Hotel and Spa – Excelsior Springs, MO”

A Step Stool for the Bathroom

It was seventy degrees on Sunday, so of course I found something to spray paint!  We had a run-of-the-mill plastic step stool in the bathroom for B that I really didn’t like. Call me a snob, but I hate that so much baby and kid gear (the affordable stuff anyways) is garishly colored plastic. OfContinue reading “A Step Stool for the Bathroom”

Easy DIY: Custom Poster Frame

//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js Happy Saturday! As promised, here’s a tutorial on how to make your own Ferm Living inspired poster frame!  For this poster frame project, you’ll need four quarter inch thick strips of wood that are the length of your poster plus an inch. Sand the wood pieces to remove any bumps or slivers and thenContinue reading “Easy DIY: Custom Poster Frame”

Let’s Talk Rugs for the Dining Room

I’m gonna pull the trigger on a rug for the dining room…As soon as I decide which one to get! Maybe talking it though will help. Here are my six favorite rug options, all are priced between $150 and $650. 1. Black and White Polkda Dots, Overstock.com   2. Black and White Stripes, Overstock.com 3. VintageContinue reading “Let’s Talk Rugs for the Dining Room”

A Design for the Chalkboard Backsplash

I don’t know if it’s the winter blues or what, but I’ve been questioning my ideas a lot (do I have any CLUE what I’m doing?!) so I kept waffling about a design for the kitchen backsplash. But then I realized hello it’s a  chalkboard wall and if I don’t like it, it can be erasedContinue reading “A Design for the Chalkboard Backsplash”

Progress in the Kitchen – White Painted Cabinets and Chalkboard Backsplash

I wrapped up our cabinets last week, but the very next day I came down with a nasty cold turned sinus infection. Wah Wah…Fortunately, I’m feeling much better today, so I snapped a few photos during B’s nap. As expected, painting the cabinets white was a very tedious project that took ages to complete. ButContinue reading “Progress in the Kitchen – White Painted Cabinets and Chalkboard Backsplash”

Easy DIY: How to Make a Simple Plant Hanger

When I saw this DIY on Deuce Cities Henhouse, I felt inspired to add a similar plant hanger to our kitchen window once everything was painted white. My plant hanger ended up being a lazy woman’s version (It’s Layzay Macrame!), with only two knots and no beads, but I think it’s pretty cool. What you needContinue reading “Easy DIY: How to Make a Simple Plant Hanger”

Free Valentine’s Day Printable

B’s preschool Valentine’s Day party is tomorrow. I kinda wish I could go. I mean, a bunch of three year old kiddos decorating cookies, playing games and handing out Valentines? Cuteness through the roof!About those Valentines…I’m not exactly a health nut, but I am health conscious and it seems like sweets always find a way toContinue reading “Free Valentine’s Day Printable”