How to Whitewash a Barn Door

Remember the barn style sliding door Jesse made and hung a few weeks ago? I was trying to decide if I wanted to paint or stain the door when a friend suggested I try white-washing it. After five minutes of google searching “how to make whitewash,” I settled on a recipe that called for twoContinue reading “How to Whitewash a Barn Door”

Throwback Thursday: Fall Photos of Western Nebraska

If you’ve ever taken I-80 straight across the state of Nebraska, you were probably left with the impression that Nebraska is completely flat and terribly boring. However, if you explore the rural highways, especially in the western panhandle, you’ll find that Nebraska has some beautiful scenery, great history and friendly folks. A few years back,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Fall Photos of Western Nebraska”

Dining Room Makeover Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since we started revamping our dining area so I wanted to give a little progress update. Here’s a reminder of where we started.  The white Eiffel chairs arrived a few days after ordering and they have been great! They’re sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean. Jesse assembled and hung theContinue reading “Dining Room Makeover Part 2”

I Heart Fall: What to Wear for Family Photos

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The combination of blue skies, gold leaves, crisp air and soft light feels so magical to me. Add the packed calendar of fun activities and projects and I am feeling positively blithe! To kick off the season, we are taking family photos at our friend’s acreage. I’mContinue reading “I Heart Fall: What to Wear for Family Photos”

Vintage School Desk Revamp

These days, nothing is safe from the threat of me spray painting it. Let’s count up this summer’s victims projects; two tension rod lamps, two picture frames, two kitchen bar stools a five piece patio set and now this desk. Yikes! Jesse and I keep joking that hopefully the weather will cool off soon andContinue reading “Vintage School Desk Revamp”

Deck Demo & Re-construction

It was bad, folks. Really bad. When we purchased our house four years ago, we knew it needed a new deck “fairly soon.” Fast forward through a couple major life events and suddenly we were living with a deck that was downright embarrassing and even dangerous. I’ve avoided this post for a few weeks because, theContinue reading “Deck Demo & Re-construction”