Dining Room Part 1 – Getting Started

I am soooooo excited! This weekend we began updating our dining area. I started by finally, FINALLY ordering some imitation Eames Eiffel chairs. I have been absolutely lusting after these chairs for about a year now. I adore Herman Miller and Eames, but it’s just too spendy for this workin’ mom. Meh, no one except me (and you!) will know the difference!
Jesse also started constructing a sliding barn style door to separate the dining area and front hallway entry.
Here’s the “before” pic…

I’m going for a gray, brown and white color scheme with a modern meets rustic-antique feel. If that makes any sense!
Here’s my inspiration…

Sliding Barn Style Door – HouseBeautiful.com

Eiffel Chairs & Rustic Table – doorsixteen.com

My all time favorite home feature from MSL – marthastewart.com

So there’s the plan for the dining area. I’m aiming to have “after” pics ready in two weeks. Now I’m off to wait for our FedEx guy to deliver my chairs!

Patio Furniture Revamp

I spotted this worn out meal patio set at an estate sale and fell in love with the mid-century feel of it. I knew it had potential, so I purchased it for about $50. This summer, I finally (yay!!) had a chance to update it with a coat of paint and new seat cushions. I think it turned out great, but I’m kinda disappointed I couldn’t keep this project under a hundred bucks. Who knew it would take SO MUCH spray paint?! 

Feelin’ Inspired? Here’s the budget breakdown and resources:

  • Patio Set – 50
  • 8 (yep 8) cans of spray paint. I used 4 cans of primer & 4 cans of white satin indoor/outdoor – 40 
  • 4 chair outdoor chair cushions and 2 outdoor fabric toss pillows. Mine are from Garden Ridge – 70 
  • Project Total = 160 – still a bargain compared to a new patio set!

Wine Basket Wedding Gift

Jesse’s cousin is getting married this weekend and the reception is at the aquarium (sweet!). Per usual, I procrastinated purchasing a gift until Monday and when I pulled up their registry, just about everything had been snapped up – lucky ducks! The only option left was a $200 floor cleaning thing-a-ma-jig which was a little outta my price range. There was also a gift card option, but, meh. They’re kinda impersonal, aren’t they?  
I noticed the couple had lots of wine accoutrements on their registry, so I thought a couple bottles would be a nice way to help them stock their wine cabinet. I wanted to jazz up the bottles and make them feel special so here’s what I came up with. It’s pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! 

For the labels, I wrapped black paper around the wine bottles and held them in place with clear tape. Then I used vinyl stickers to add “mr. & mrs.” I stuffed some fabric into a basket I found at the goodwill and finished it off with ribbon and label. 

Feelin’ inspired?! Here’s the supply list:

  • 3 bottles of wine – I used 2 red and 1 white 
  • 2 pieces of black craft paper – cut in half 
  • vinyl letter stickers 
  • 1/4 yard of gray and white fabric – just guessing on this, mine was leftover from a project 
  • 1 yard of black ribbon 
  • hang-tag label 
  • basket – the one I used is secondhand. I REFUSE to purchase new baskets; they are everywhere at thrift stores, estate sales, etc. I love the vintage look of this one and was “this close” to keeping to for myself! 

Small Bathroom Makeover

I really wish I had “Before” pictures to share of our tiny bathroom. When we moved in several years ago, the bathroom was the epitome of post-war ranch decor, with pepto pink tile half way up the walls. The small space was lit by a dreary fluorescent light above the sink and there was also a full sized window in the middle of the shower wall. 

My parents had this neat vintage shaving ad that I wanted to frame but a custom job would have been pretty expensive. So I picked up an cheapy black frame and a sheet of turquoise crafting paper, which worked OK. Combined with the shaving mug and stand, the vintage print gives the bathroom a slight shaving theme. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more vintage shaving ads or do-dads!
My favorite part of the bathroom is the white subway tile with gray grout. The dark grout is great because it hides dirt and soap scum. The Vanity mirror is from Home Goods, I think is was less than 30 bucks.

We removed the closet door and added thick butcher block shelves. I think this made the tiny space feel a little larger and also gave us some make shift counter space.