Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook

// I love it when friends ask what I’m working on, but I have to admit that I felt a bit hesitant when my answer was, “Oh, I’m painting my linen closet black (like ya do)…” Sometimes I feel confident that an idea will turn out looking like it does in my head, but aContinue reading “Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook”

A Step Stool for the Bathroom

It was seventy degrees on Sunday, so of course I found something to spray paint!  We had a run-of-the-mill plastic step stool in the bathroom for B that I really didn’t like. Call me a snob, but I hate that so much baby and kid gear (the affordable stuff anyways) is garishly colored plastic. OfContinue reading “A Step Stool for the Bathroom”

Easy DIY: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

// cabinet under our sink was a gross and disorganized mess. So while I was spending time painting the kitchen cabinets I resolved to do something about it. Part of my organization mission included a ten minute project to hang my kitchen gloves under the sink, more on that in a minute.First, here is whatContinue reading “Easy DIY: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink”

A Peek at our Kitchen Progress

Hey there!Here is a little peek at our kitchen progress. The chalkboard paint back splash was a super quick job, and crazy cheap (12 bucks!) but I haven’t completely decided if I want to add a design. I also painted the trim around the window to test out the look for the cabinets, and I’mContinue reading “A Peek at our Kitchen Progress”

Plans for the Kitchen

I have a few plans to give our kitchen an inexpensive face lift over the next few weeks and I’m so excited to get started!But first, here’s how the kitchen looked when we moved in five years ago.We did some mini-renovations during our first few months of ownership. We painted the cabinets, replaced the linoleumContinue reading “Plans for the Kitchen”

Entertainment Wall Before and After (Or, Cinderella Shelves)

// I’ve recently updated this post by adding some brighter photos) One of the nice things about growing up is that I’m becoming more comfortable and confident with myself. For example, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a little obsessive and type A. Therefore, when I dragged a pair of raggedy old shelves home andContinue reading “Entertainment Wall Before and After (Or, Cinderella Shelves)”

Vintage School Desk Revamp

These days, nothing is safe from the threat of me spray painting it. Let’s count up this summer’s victims projects; two tension rod lamps, two picture frames, two kitchen bar stools a five piece patio set and now this desk. Yikes! Jesse and I keep joking that hopefully the weather will cool off soon andContinue reading “Vintage School Desk Revamp”

Deck Demo & Re-construction

It was bad, folks. Really bad. When we purchased our house four years ago, we knew it needed a new deck “fairly soon.” Fast forward through a couple major life events and suddenly we were living with a deck that was downright embarrassing and even dangerous. I’ve avoided this post for a few weeks because, theContinue reading “Deck Demo & Re-construction”

Dining Room Part 1 – Getting Started

I am soooooo excited! This weekend we began updating our dining area. I started by finally, FINALLY ordering some imitation Eames Eiffel chairs. I have been absolutely lusting after these chairs for about a year now. I adore Herman Miller and Eames, but it’s just too spendy for this workin’ mom. Meh, no one exceptContinue reading “Dining Room Part 1 – Getting Started”