How to Overdye a Quilt

I’ve been obsessing over the idea of dyeing old linens. I love to hunt for vintage goodies, and I can tell you thrift stores across America are packed with old blankets, sheets, table cloths and napkins. I know…ewww…cooties! It grosses me out too. But many of these linens are still very much usable, they’ve simplyContinue reading “How to Overdye a Quilt”

How to Make a Tufted Headboard

A couple years ago, before I started blogging, Jesse made a wall mounted plywood headboard for our bedroom. Originally, I covered the headboard with a yellow and white damask, which looked lovely. But, of course, I got the itch to swap the color and I also wanted to give it a more finished look using tufts. LikeContinue reading “How to Make a Tufted Headboard”

Making Room for Holiday Guests

// Every year, Jesse and I host a big Holiday party for “grown-ups” (B has a sleepover at Grandma’s). It’s a fun tradition, and a great opportunity to stay up late and drink a little too much wine! We usually have everyone pile their coats and bags in our bedroom, but this year I wantedContinue reading “Making Room for Holiday Guests”

Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook

// I love it when friends ask what I’m working on, but I have to admit that I felt a bit hesitant when my answer was, “Oh, I’m painting my linen closet black (like ya do)…” Sometimes I feel confident that an idea will turn out looking like it does in my head, but aContinue reading “Black Linen Closet + Dog Nook”

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pom Poms!

// As promised, here is a tutorial on how to make large pom poms! I’m sorry it’s later than planned. I spent last weekend prepping for a job interview, which isn’t nearly as much fun as making pom poms, spray painting junk, etc. But, I love my job and it pays for the blog so,Continue reading “Easy DIY: Make Your Own Pom Poms!”

How to Paint an Upholstered chair

// I’m trying to spruce up our home office space, but since we are having the house painted this summer, I don’t want to spend much on the project. Ultimately, I’d like to have a guest bed in there but for now I think pretty corner chair with some decor will do the job. IContinue reading “How to Paint an Upholstered chair”

How we Make our Small Bathroom Work + First Aid Box

// We live in the Midwest, where yards are big and new subdivisions with huge homes are everywhere. But we have an older house and our bathroom is about twenty seven square feet. Full disclosure: We have an unfinished bathroom in the basement but we only use it for, um, emergencies. Sometimes having a smallContinue reading “How we Make our Small Bathroom Work + First Aid Box”

A Step Stool for the Bathroom

It was seventy degrees on Sunday, so of course I found something to spray paint!  We had a run-of-the-mill plastic step stool in the bathroom for B that I really didn’t like. Call me a snob, but I hate that so much baby and kid gear (the affordable stuff anyways) is garishly colored plastic. OfContinue reading “A Step Stool for the Bathroom”