Free Valentine’s Day Printable

B’s preschool Valentine’s Day party is tomorrow. I kinda wish I could go. I mean, a bunch of three year old kiddos decorating cookies, playing games and handing out Valentines? Cuteness through the roof!About those Valentines…I’m not exactly a health nut, but I am┬áhealth conscious and it seems like sweets always find a way toContinue reading “Free Valentine’s Day Printable”

Wine Basket Wedding Gift

Jesse’s cousin is getting married this weekend and the reception is at the aquarium (sweet!). Per usual, I procrastinated purchasing a gift until Monday and when I pulled up their registry, just about everything had been snapped up – lucky ducks! The only option left was a $200 floor cleaning thing-a-ma-jig which was a littleContinue reading “Wine Basket Wedding Gift”