A Design for the Chalkboard Backsplash

I don’t know if it’s the winter blues or what, but I’ve been questioning my ideas a lot (do I have any CLUE what I’m doing?!) so I kept waffling about a design for the kitchen backsplash. But then I realized hello it’s a  chalkboard wall and if I don’t like it, it can be erasedContinue reading “A Design for the Chalkboard Backsplash”

Easy DIY: How to Make a Simple Plant Hanger

When I saw this DIY on Deuce Cities Henhouse, I felt inspired to add a similar plant hanger to our kitchen window once everything was painted white. My plant hanger ended up being a lazy woman’s version (It’s Layzay Macrame!), with only two knots and no beads, but I think it’s pretty cool. What you needContinue reading “Easy DIY: How to Make a Simple Plant Hanger”

Easy DIY: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.jsThe cabinet under our sink was a gross and disorganized mess. So while I was spending time painting the kitchen cabinets I resolved to do something about it. Part of my organization mission included a ten minute project to hang my kitchen gloves under the sink, more on that in a minute.First, here is whatContinue reading “Easy DIY: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink”

A Peek at our Kitchen Progress

Hey there!Here is a little peek at our kitchen progress. The chalkboard paint back splash was a super quick job, and crazy cheap (12 bucks!) but I haven’t completely decided if I want to add a design. I also painted the trim around the window to test out the look for the cabinets, and I’mContinue reading “A Peek at our Kitchen Progress”

Plans for the Kitchen

I have a few plans to give our kitchen an inexpensive face lift over the next few weeks and I’m so excited to get started!But first, here’s how the kitchen looked when we moved in five years ago.We did some mini-renovations during our first few months of ownership. We painted the cabinets, replaced the linoleumContinue reading “Plans for the Kitchen”