How to Paint an Upholstered chair

// I’m trying to spruce up our home office space, but since we are having the house painted this summer, I don’t want to spend much on the project. Ultimately, I’d like to have a guest bed in there but for now I think pretty corner chair with some decor will do the job. IContinue reading “How to Paint an Upholstered chair”

How we Make our Small Bathroom Work + First Aid Box

// We live in the Midwest, where yards are big and new subdivisions with huge homes are everywhere. But we have an older house and our bathroom is about twenty seven square feet. Full disclosure: We have an unfinished bathroom in the basement but we only use it for, um, emergencies. Sometimes having a smallContinue reading “How we Make our Small Bathroom Work + First Aid Box”

A Step Stool for the Bathroom

It was seventy degrees on Sunday, so of course I found something to spray paint!  We had a run-of-the-mill plastic step stool in the bathroom for B that I really didn’t like. Call me a snob, but I hate that so much baby and kid gear (the affordable stuff anyways) is garishly colored plastic. OfContinue reading “A Step Stool for the Bathroom”

Dining Room Makeover Part 3

Yipee! Jesse finished my our dining table! When we tore down the deck last summer, Jesse saved the cedar stringers and upcycled them into a beautiful table. He is so clever and handy! Cedar is a soft wood that dents easily so we might need to order piece of tempered glass for the top.There areContinue reading “Dining Room Makeover Part 3”

Entertainment Wall Before and After (Or, Cinderella Shelves)

// I’ve recently updated this post by adding some brighter photos) One of the nice things about growing up is that I’m becoming more comfortable and confident with myself. For example, I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m a little obsessive and type A. Therefore, when I dragged a pair of raggedy old shelves home andContinue reading “Entertainment Wall Before and After (Or, Cinderella Shelves)”

Dining Room Makeover Part 2

It’s been a few weeks since we started revamping our dining area so I wanted to give a little progress update. Here’s a reminder of where we started.  The white Eiffel chairs arrived a few days after ordering and they have been great! They’re sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean. Jesse assembled and hung theContinue reading “Dining Room Makeover Part 2”

Vintage School Desk Revamp

These days, nothing is safe from the threat of me spray painting it. Let’s count up this summer’s victims projects; two tension rod lamps, two picture frames, two kitchen bar stools a five piece patio set and now this desk. Yikes! Jesse and I keep joking that hopefully the weather will cool off soon andContinue reading “Vintage School Desk Revamp”

Patio Furniture Revamp

I spotted this worn out meal patio set at an estate sale and fell in love with the mid-century feel of it. I knew it had potential, so I purchased it for about $50. This summer, I finally (yay!!) had a chance to update it with a coat of paint and new seat cushions. IContinue reading “Patio Furniture Revamp”

Wine Basket Wedding Gift

Jesse’s cousin is getting married this weekend and the reception is at the aquarium (sweet!). Per usual, I procrastinated purchasing a gift until Monday and when I pulled up their registry, just about everything had been snapped up – lucky ducks! The only option left was a $200 floor cleaning thing-a-ma-jig which was a littleContinue reading “Wine Basket Wedding Gift”