Top 10 Family Friendly Things to do on Tybee Island

1. Visit the Beach, of Course! During our week-long vacation to Tybee Island, Georgia, the first agenda item every morning was to hit the beach. After breakfast, we swapped our coffee for lemonade, loaded up on sunscreen and walked two short blocks over to the beach. While at the beach, we combed for shells, playedContinue reading “Top 10 Family Friendly Things to do on Tybee Island”

Fort De Soto Park, Florida

// haven’t posted in almost a month, yikes! We had an fantastic time in Florida, but I didn’t realize a vacation would mean a pause in projects for the week leading up to and the week following it. Next time (is it too early to start planning our next vacation?!), I want to avoid aContinue reading “Fort De Soto Park, Florida”

The ONE Thing You NEED to Pack for Disney

// writing isn’t really my niche, but we are heading to Disney World in a few weeks (yaassss, vacation!!!) and since I’ve been there a bunch of times and basically lived there for six months during an internship, I thought I might have a tip or two worth sharing(?) So, I will get right toContinue reading “The ONE Thing You NEED to Pack for Disney”